Terms and Conditions

We are not considered a financial institution by the state of Georgia Department of Banking and Finance. All transactions conducted with us are defined as “PAWN” transactions according to the Georgia annotated code.  we conduct business in the State of Georgia only!

  •  Title pawns transactions that become more than 10 days delinquent may become subject to loss of collateral held for “PAWN”.
  • Non-payment on pawn transactions could result in loss of collateral.
  • We practice responsible lending to those in need of money for emergencies and other short-term financial needs. we do not lend with the intent  to repossess pawned collateral. We qualify all applicants to ensure they have the ability to repay their title pawn obligation to ensure they retain their pawned collateral.
  • The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on pawns may be as high as 300%. A fee of $18 will be charged  on all pawn transactions for liens to vehicle to titles which is paid to the Georgia Department of Revenue.
  • Renewals of 30 day pawn transactions are only by agreement of company & customers with payments being made on time.
  • See contact tab for physical address and corporate information.
  • We adhere to and comply with the local and state pawn code.